Energy & freshness

In Bad Häring, a small paradise can be found in the middle of the forest, the water shoots down torrentially from the ledge and lands in the pool with a roaring splash. The trail leads you through the wild and romantic brook and is – especially on summer days – a wonderfull way of cooling off. After about half an hour of walking, you will have reached your destination and immediately feel the invigorating energy and power that emanates from the roaring waterfall.

In the immediate vicinity of the waterfall, there is a small cave that gives the whole place a magical and mysterious touch.


  • Start: Kurpark Bad Häring
  • Destination: Kurpark Bad Häring
  • Difficulty: easy | suitable for families
  • Length: 3,5 km
  • Walking time: approx. 1,5 h

Did you know?

The fine atomisation of the water by the waterfall is particularly helpful for people with respiratory diseases.

For this reason, waterfalls and bubbling streams, with their friction-energised water molecules, are particularly beneficial for our health

Waterfall Bad Häring
Waterfall Bad Häring
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