Therapeutic Fasting DELUXE

Time out for the body & mind

Experience the ultimate therapeutic fasting experience.

In a small, exclusive setting (max. 10 participants) you will experience a special, revitalizing effect with therapeutic fasting DELUXE. A week full of detoxification, regeneration and inner balance awaits you:

  • professional support from our experienced SiebenMed team
  • guidance on relaxing detoxification techniques
  • daily exercise sessions for more flexibility and strength
  • nutrient-rich juices and soups to support the fasting process

–» Start the journey to a better attitude to life now.

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Energy coach - Barbara Scherrer
Energy coach - Barbara Scherrer
Mario Bromm, Manager SiebenMed
Mario Bromm, Manager SiebenMed

Supported by the SiebenMed experts.

The therapeutic fasting offers you the chance to reflect on yourself and your own lifestyle. Through detoxification and subsequent regeneration, we support our "conscious self"! Getting to know your own hunger again, having completely new experiences with food, indulging in the pleasure of eating - all this is the reward of the work that awaits us after this fasting cure.

Our offer - which is based on therapeutic fasting according to Dr. Buchinger - is not only about consciously restricting food, but also about exercise in the great outdoors, which takes the form of mindfulness walks, among other things.

It is about forms of meditation that accompany us to our inner peace. We also focus on detoxification - in the form of detoxifying liver wraps on the floating bed and detoxifying foot baths, which give us an additional feeling of well-being.

Mario Bromm: Leitung Medical SPA by SiebenMed © Hannes Dabernig
We will provide you with comprehensive support during this time

with fasting support with nutrition and lectures by our SiebenMed experts. We look forward to supporting you on this path of finding yourself!

(Mario Bromm - SiebenMed - Medical Spa - Management)

Before they even arrive, the participants (max. 10) will receive all the information about the therapeutic fasting week by email so that they can get themselves in the right frame of mind for the programme at home.

The personal welcome pack the current weekly schedule, which outlines the itinerary of the therapeutic fasting week: This includes stimulating Kneipp treatments, detoxifying liver wraps and detoxifying foot baths, as well as guided mindfulness hikes.

Only tasty soups and juices are served at mealtimes, as these do not put a strain on the body.

Therapeutic Fasting


6 nights incl.

tasty soups and juices

1 x welcome gift

1 x coach consultation

6 x morning exercise activities

as a group

4 x mindfulness hikes

as a group

3 x detoxifying liver wraps

in a hanging lounger

2 x detoxifying foot bath

2 x topic-specific lectures

2 x group fasting discussions

with a nutritionist

Therapeutic Fasting DELUXE week

24.06. - 30.06.24 | 23.09. - 29.09.24

approx. 25 m²
€ 1.347,- per person
approx. 30 m²
€ 1.419,- per person
approx. 25 m²
€ 1.497,- per person
approx. 53 m²
€ 1.575,- per person
approx. 52 m²
€ 1.665,- per person
All prices per person incl. half board and inclusive services, plus local tax. The double room and suite prices listed apply for double occupancy

Therapeutic Fasting DELUXE week

Early bird discount

€ 1.212,30 per person
€̵ ̵1̵.̵3̵4̵7̵,̵0̵0̵
€ 1.277,10 per person
€̵ ̵1̵.̵4̵1̵9̵,̵0̵0̵
€ 1.347,30 per person
€̵ ̵1̵.̵4̵9̵7̵,̵0̵0̵
€ 1.417,50 per person
€̵ ̵1̵.̵5̵7̵5̵,̵0̵0̵
€ 1.498,50 per person
€̵ ̵1̵.̵6̵6̵5̵,̵0̵0̵
Valid for bookings made 60 days in advance. All prices per person incl. half board and inclusive services, plus local tax. The double room and suite prices listed apply for double occupancy