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Enter the realm of pleasure. The passionate kitchen team at DAS SIEBEN creates tasty moments of happiness with fresh ideas and great attention to detail - so that every bite is a pleasant memory.

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Front cooking - Breakfast team
Front cooking - Breakfast team
Front cooking - Breakfast team
Front cooking - Breakfast team

The essence of the region on every plate

This special journey begins with the careful selection of regional products. Because DAS SIEBEN attaches great importance to the origin and quality of the food. Whether fresh bread, eggs, milk, yoghurt, cheese or the finest meat - close cooperation with local producers also strengthens the guests' connection to the region.

The healthy ingredients from the hotel's own herb garden also give the dishes an incomparable flavor - everything that thrives there finds its way into the kitchen and is lovingly processed there. The "green heart" of the house is home to a vibrant collection of aromatic and flavorful wonders - from parsley, coriander, basil, peppermint and tarragon to raspberries, elderberries and medicinal plants. The kitchen also uses these treasures to make its own cold-pressed oils, syrups and spreads. The commitment to the homeland is also reflected in the wine list, which features exclusively Austrian grape varieties.

DAS SIEBEN - Genuss - Zubereitung Abendessen © alexgretter
"We cultivate an appreciative approach to regional food,

the freshness and taste of every single dish," emphasizes the head chef.

A morning full of possibilities

The breakfast buffet at DAS SIEBEN is a true feast for the senses, where guests can enjoy a variety of fresh bread, crispy pastries, fruity jams, healthy spreads and an exquisite selection of sausages, bacon, ham and cheese. There is something for every taste.

Breakfast buffet

  • fresh fruit & vegetables
  • Salty and sweet pastries
  • savory and hearty breads (also gluten-free)
  • golden baked rolls
  • fruity jams, healthy and sweet spreads
  • Variety of sausages, bacon and ham as well as soft, spreadable and hard cheeses (also lactose-free)
  • Creamy natural and fruit yogurt (also lactose-free)
  • Juices, milk (also lactose-free), coffee, tea, flavored water
  • Front cooking: freshly prepared egg dishes
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Evening moments of pleasure

In the evening, guests can choose their favorites from a variety of set menus. The menu ranges from fresh salads and delicious soups to starters and main courses, rounded off with a dessert. For guests who prefer an alkaline diet, the kitchen team creates special dishes that perfectly combine indulgence and well-being. The vegan and vegetarian dishes also surprise with their variety of flavors.


  • fresh salads from the buffet
  • light soup
  • delicious starter
  • hearty main course with dishes for meat and fish lovers, vegetarians and vegans
  • Sweet dessert
  • selected cheese specialties from the buffet
DAS SIEBEN - Genuss - Abendessen | Menü © alexgretter DAS SIEBEN Abendessen © Hannes Dabernig DAS SIEBEN Abendessen | Dessert © alexgretter DAS SIEBEN - Restaurant © DAS SIEBEN - Genuss - Abendessen | Menü © alexgretter DAS SIEBEN Abendessen | Dessert © DAS SIEBEN Abendessen | Zubereitung © alexgretter DAS SIEBEN Abendessen | Dessert © alexgretter DAS SIEBEN - Restaurant © DAS SIEBEN Abendessen | Salatbuffet © DAS SIEBEN | Drink an der Bar © Hannes Dabernig DAS SIEBEN | Abendessen © DAS SIEBEN | Abendessen - Dessertzubereitung © alexgretter DAS SIEBEN | Abendessen - Zubereitung © alexgretter

A culinary dialog

Behind every single meal at DAS SIEBEN is a detailed and creative culinary team that skillfully thinks outside the box. "We like to experiment with flavors and textures and love to add our own touch to traditional recipes to surprise our guests and offer them unique culinary experiences," reveals the chef. 

The classic white porcelain serves as a canvas on which the "tasty creations" are stylishly presented. Each dish is carefully composed to not only please the eye, but also to tell a story - be it about the origin of the ingredients, the care taken in their selection or the creativity of their composition.

The plate becomes the bearer of culinary messages. "Every time a guest sits down to eat, a new dialog begins," says the chef, describing the special connection. "For my team and me, an empty plate is the best compliment and the clearest response we can receive from our guests.

Indulgence as a path to well-being

At DAS SIEBEN, it's not just about what's on the plate, but also about the experience that goes with it.

"For us, food is a form of care and well-being. Every dish should also promote the well-being of our guests," explains the hotel's nutritionist.

In close collaboration with the kitchen team, menus are created that are both nutritious and enjoyable. In cooking workshops, guests learn that healthy eating can be varied, tasty and, above all, simple.

 "Our aim is to raise the awareness and mindset of our guests and show them that health and enjoyment are not a contradiction in terms, but go hand in hand."


(Lutz & Sundheim 2002)

1. take your time.

You can't enjoy a meal in a hurry. So plan a little extra time for eating.

2. enjoyment is allowed.

Do not eat with a guilty conscience. Inhibitions, feelings of fear or guilt should be replaced by permission so that enjoyment can be experienced in a healthy way.

3. enjoy with attention.

You can't enjoy yourself on the side. Concentrate on the food - without distractions and in peace.

4. less is more.

A small portion can taste just as good as a large one. Eat slowly and taste every bite consciously. If you limit your enjoyment at times, this can also be increased again.

5. choose consciously.

Enjoyment also means choosing what is good for you. Think about what you would like to eat beforehand. What is good for your body? And what is good for your soul?

6. enjoyment needs experience.

Practice conscious eating in order to be able to classify, evaluate and differentiate between pleasurable experiences.

7. enjoy every day.

Don't wait for special occasions, but take advantage of everyday moments of pleasure - with all your senses.

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