Indulge in delicious dishes

We focus on the needs of our guests and place great value on the type of preparation, the origin, quality and freshness of the foods we choose. We prefer to source our products locally.

Our tip: We recommend our vegan and vegetarian dishes. You will be surprised at the variety of flavours offered by these forms of nutrition.

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Felix Morgenstern, chef
Felix Morgenstern, chef
Front cooking
Front cooking
Front cooking - Breakfast team
Front cooking - Breakfast team
We pamper you with the best service
We pamper you with the best service

A breakfast fit for an emperor.

Just looking at our breakfast buffet is enough to make your mouth water.

  • Start your day the right way at our breakfast buffet with fresh bread and crunchy pastries (gluten-free available on request), fruity jams, healthy spreads, a selection of raw sausages, bacon and ham as well as mild and flavourful hard, soft or spreadable cheeses.
  • On top of that, you can expect: fresh fruit and vegetables, various types of cereal, dairy products (lactose-free available on request), juices, teas, aromatic coffee specialties as well as sweet treats and much more.
  • We prepare delicious varieties of egg dishes for you in our front kitchen.
Sweet pastries Various types of cheese Refreshing juices Breakfast cereal Delicious jams Delicious teas Sausage platter Fresh breads Delicious spread Breakfast Meal preperation Rich breakfast buffet

An indulgent finale

  • Are you a meat or fish lover, vegetarian or vegan? Choose your favourite from our evening set menu.
  • For guests following an alkaline diet, we’re happy to create dishes catered to your needs.
  • Enjoy as much of our fresh salads as you like before we serve you the starter and main course.
  • We round off every menu with a delicious dessert.
  • You can also enjoy the fruit salad and the cheeses at our buffet.
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Wordrap Felix Morgenstern

Head Chef at DAS SIEBEN

What does being healthy mean to me?

Enjoying life.

This vegetable is my number one favourite:

Spinach is awesome.

I have a weakness for:

Asian cuisine.

The most important meal of the day for me is:


My favourite vitamin bombs:


For me, indulgence means:

Taking the time to savour.

I think afternoon naps are:

An absolute waste of time.

I stay fit by:


I spend my free time:

Reading business magazines, cycling, cleaning the car.

Apple or chocolate?


Find out more about what it looks like when it tastes good, what makes a fantastic salad dressing and what a great breakfast is.

Tip from our head chef:

Have the courage to use herbs! That's what makes a really fantastic salad dressing. Vegetables and herbs complement each other, like finding the right soundtrack to your road trip. After all, anyone can add salt and pepper. 

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