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by SiebenMed

Be our guest and feel how much health and strength there is in you. Among other things, we harness the benefits of the latest laboratory tests, which provide insights into people’s individual hereditary predisposition (polymorphism diagnostics).

This enables our team to respond even more specifically to health needs of the individual. The goal is always to use the best approach for the individual’s health; detox therapy and relaxation techniques are very helpful in this regard. With a lot of patience, holistic thinking and a wealth of experience, we can put together a tailor-made programme for you.

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Mario Bromm: Leitung Medical SPA by SiebenMed © Hannes Dabernig
Mario Bromm: Management Medical SPA by SiebenMed
Dr. med. Sieglinde Anna Philippi | doctor
Dr. med. Sieglinde Anna Philippi | doctor


Our range of therapies increases your sense of well-being

Das eigene Potential entdecken  & sich wieder gut fühlen
from € 1.075,- per person

Stay healthy
& improvie your well-being

SiebenMed - RückenVIT
from € 1.236,- per person

Increase your quality
of life

[Translate to en:] SiebenMed - MentalVIT
from € 1.293,- per person

Gain a sense of lightness
& release blockages

[Translate to en:] SiebenMed - SportsVIT
from € 1.351,- per person

Increase your fitness level
& burn calories

[Translate to en:] Detox im DAS SIEBEN
from € 662,- per person

Detoxify your body,
mind and soul

The heart
of SiebenMed


Soothing for the body, mind and soul

Classic massage therapy

Let your muscels relax in the expert hands of our professional masseurs. Blockages are released and you feel balance and new vital energy.

Partial massage | 25 min. € 49,00

Full-body massage | 50 min. € 84,00


All of our organs are reflected on the soles of our feet. The aim of this special massage technique is to restore harmony in the body and activate its self-healing powers.

Reflexology | 25 min. € 49,00

Acupuncture treatment

With the help of the acupuncture needle, the masseur stimulates the body's own energy in order to dissolve any blockages and bring them back into their natural flow.

Acupuncture massage | 50 min. € 75,00

Hydrojet massage

The hydrojet massage is performed on a slightly heated water bed with an underwater jet that gently loosens the muscles.

Hydrojet massage | 20 min. € 37,00

Relaxation massage

The feeling of recuperation goes hand in hand with relaxation. Leave everyday life behind and enjoy moments full of lightness.

Relaxation massage | 50 min. € 75,00

Lava shell massage

With this very special massage, we give you a sense of well-being at the highest level. Treat yourself to the warming lava shells – you will be blown away!

Lava shell massage, small | 25 min. € 57,00
Lava shell massage, large | 50 min. € 84,00

Swiss pine oil massage

Swiss pine has been valued for centuries for its positive effects on the human organism. Swiss pine lowers the heart rate, reduces stress and stabilises circulation. Treat yourself to the pleasure and unique nature of this massage.

Swiss pine oil massage | 50 min. € 75,00


Swiss pine stick massage

This extremely beneficial treatment, which is performed with heated pine sticks and optionally with pine massage milk, arnica or honey, gives an extraordinary feeling of deep relaxation.

Swiss pine stick massage | 50 min. € 86,00


Lymphatic drainage

With lymphatic drainage, we activate the lymphatic system and stimulate the entire metabolism. By facilitating the removal of waste, lymphatic drainage acts like a natural fountain of youth. It relieves stress on all levels and gives you a feeling of lightness.

Partial lymphatic drainage | 25 min. € 49,00

Full-body lymphatic drainage | 50 min. € 75,00

Vital field

Finding causes and activating self-healing powers – the sources of discomfort and pain often go undetected. Vital field analysis helps us to get to the bottom of these issues. And then, targeted healing mechanisms are set in motion in the body through vital field therapy.

Vital field analysis | 10 min. € 40

Vital field analysis, evaluation session | 30 min. € 71

Vital field therapy | 30 min. € 46


Doctor’s consultation | 10 min. € 42

Doctor’s consultation | 30 min. € 80

Coaching session | 30 min. € 51

Singing bowl therapy

The special sounds resonate deep inside, making every cell vibrate and allowing the body to regenerate. Singing bowls are made to vibrate in different pitches on the body. The goal is to bring harmony and deep relaxation to the body. Treat yourself to this somewhat different kind of pleasure!

Singing bowl therapy | 50 min. € 69

Bach flower consultation

Bach flower therapy was developed by the English physician Dr. Edward Bach. It is based on the assumption that the bound energies of flowers and plants have a regulating effect on psychological states, which can also have a positive effect on the body.

Bach flower consultation | 50 min. € 69

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) is a body fat measurement method that provides precise information about your nutritional status and your bodily composition on a cellular level.

BIA measurement incl. evaluation | 30 min. € 69


Tapes are particularly effective for treating muscle and joint pain, sports injuries and tension. They are special, elastic adhesive tapes used to supplement physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy, individual | 25 min. € 47

Galvanic current massage | 25 min.  € 47

Interferent current massage | 25 min.  € 47

Ultrasound massage | 25 min.  € 47

SiebenMed tape | 25 min.  € 36

Volcanic mud

Even the ancient Romans appreciated the healing properties of mud (or fango). With our volcanic mud treatment, we counteract joint diseases and muscle issues and strengthen the immune system.

Volcanic mud | 20 min. € 37

Hay flower pack

Enjoy a detoxifying hay flower pack in a hanging lounger. The hay flower pack stimulates the metabolism, relaxes the back and shoulders, and detoxifies the liver.

Hay flower pack | 20 min. € 37

Carbovasal therapy

This therapy is particularly helpful for all forms of circulatory disorders, varicose veins, leg ulcers, symptoms of diabetes and weak connective tissue.

Carbovasal therapy | 20 min. € 37

Detox foot bath

This foot bath reactivates the vital spirits. Vitality returns and energy levels are restored. This foot bath is an effective way of getting rid of excess acid.

1x detoxifying foot bath | 30 min. € 63

3x detoxifying foot baths | 30 minutes each. € 150



Lavender bath | 20 min. € 37

effect: enhances mood and calming

Hay flower bath | 20 min. € 37

effect: stimulates circulation and activates the metabolism

Healing salt bath | 20 min. € 37

effect: regenerating and calming on the skin

CObath | 20 min. € 37

effect: lowers blood pressure and promotes the healing of wounds

Sulphur bath | 20 min. € 37

effect: soothing for muscles and anti-inflammatory

Swiss oil bath | 20 min. € 37

effect: invigorating and calming

Ginger and medical salt bath | 20 min. € 37

effect: activates metabolism and promotes circulation

Indian lemon balm bath | 20 min. € 37

effect: excellent remedy for exhaustion and stress

Eukalyptus bath | 20 min.  € 37

effect: invigorating and stimulates the respiratory tract function  

Analytical tools

Facts and figures about your health

State-of-the-art laboratory diagnostics

We work with various state-of-the-art laboratories. Depending on which values are required, the evaluation includes standard values (blood cells, minerals, vitamins, etc.) and special parameters (environmental pollutants, genetic analysis, etc.). We prefer to focus on the precise analysis of your hereditary predisposition. The genetic material (genome) gives our doctors valuable information about which measures can improve your well-being in the long term and how well your body can cope with harmful environmental factors.

Measurement of heart rate variability

A measurement of the heart rate variability (HRV) provides information about the quality of your heart's functions. In addition, it is ideal for recording the function of the autonomic nervous system. The heart rate variability provides information about the energy status and the energy supply of your cells. With the help of HRV, cases of sudden cardiac death may be prevented in many cases – This is not something that only affects high-performance athletes.

Body composition analysis

The following measurement results are reported using the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) method: Total body water, lean mass (e.g. connective tissue, skin) and body fat. An important parameter is the phase angle (ϕ), which provides information about how healthy the cells are. How successful certain measures are – such as exercise, a healthy diet and adequate fluid intake – can be measured using the phase angle.

Vital field analysis

Vital Field Measurement

The VITAL FIELD MEASUREMENT provides indications of:

  • Weak points/blockages/disturbance fields in the energy system
  • The current energetic regulation capacity
  • Possible stresses due to external influences (e.g. toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, hormones, herbicides, ...)
  • Abnormalities in the energy balance (structures and areas which are currently "energetically conspicuous")

The vital field measurement is a biophysical analysis and measurement method to detect the energetic state of the body cells. Cells and structures of the body system give specific responses to millions of microcurrent pulses during the measurement. These electromagnetic responses are then compared with the data.


Vital field evaluation interview

The joint interpretation of the measurement results in the evaluation discussion helps to:

  • find certain treatment approaches which are particularly beneficial to you now during your stay
  • discover certain therapeutic approaches which will help you after your stay with us
  • develop certain general and longer-term behavioral adjustments (lifestyle, work-life balance)

What is the vital field evaluation session about?
Together we develop ideas and starting points for health improvements and possible therapeutic steps.


Vital Field Therapy

What does vital field therapy do for your health:

  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Restoration of your natural energetic balance
  • Compensation and harmonization of weak points
  • Precaution for your holistic health

In which way does the vital field therapy work?
The therapeutic effect "tailor-made" for you on the basis of the measurement is generated by micro-current impulses with different frequency patterns. The response of the organism to this electromagnetic stimulus chord activates your self-healing powers and supports your self-regulation ability.


This method records the electrical activity of the heart. It is shown in the form of curves in the electrocardiogram (ECG).

This gives the doctor information about your heart rhythm and heart rate. This data provides important information as to whether there are disorders in the heart's electrical conduction system (e.g. heart attack, deficiency or excess of vitamins) or diseases of the coronary arteries (e.g. caused by arteriosclerosis).

We’ll be by your side on the way to your health goal.

Would you like to finally lose weight, do more exercise or do something about that annoying back pain? Do you want more energy for everyday life or do you long for a sense of lightness? We’ll happily support you with our medical and therapeutic expertise to maintain your health – all year round, regardless of season and weather.

Mario Bromm: Leitung Medical SPA by SiebenMed © Hannes Dabernig
Our goal is always to use the best approach for the individual’s health.
Robert Lasser and Rita Schlögl-Lasser

We will certainly come again!!!

For 5 years we feel in the "Seven" like in our second home.


We especially like the friendliness and helpfulness of the entire team and the high professionalism of the therapies and activities offered.


We enjoy the beautiful hiking trails in the surroundings of Bad Häring. A stay at SIEBEN is a treat for body and soul and can only be recommended. We will certainly come again!!!

Family Rosner
Claudia and Jochen Rosner

“Anyone who comes here once, is sure to be back again”

During our first stay at “DAS SIEBEN” in 2016, the hotel immediately became our favourite little getaway and we’ve spent many more relaxing holidays here.

The great SPA and medical area, the beautiful, quiet rooms, the delicious and healthy food, the Wilder Kaiser mountain range right at the doorstep and the friendly staff and miracle workers made every single day a special one.

Family Hischier
Camilla and Toni Hischier

“Our second home”

A feel-good hotel in a quiet location, nestled in nature.


The very helpful, friendly staff give the hotel that special something. Ideal for vacationers who value healthy eating


DAS SIEBEN offers a wide variety of treatments to its guests, while also being the perfect starting point for a whole host of activities. Those who value quality in a relaxed atmosphere are in good hands at DAS SIEBEN. And we’re happy to have you!

Family Heider
Manuela and Edgar Heider
Penzberg, Bavaria

"We were able to take a huge dose of relaxation home with us"

In our little break from everyday life, we were able to beautify and sustainably enrich our LIFE with extremely delicious, high-quality and varied FOOD, extremely skilful and excellent medical treatments for our HEALTH in the wellness and sports area, as well as a diverse range of offers catered to the SOUL. This meant we were able to take a huge dose of RELAXATION home with us thanks to the gorgeous NATURE that surrounded us and the quiet, relaxing SLEEP we got on top-class mattresses.

Family Angerer
Gabriele and Dietmar Angerer
Munich / Bad Wiessee

"DAS SIEBEN had us hooked from the very start”

The variety of active and relaxation programmes, medical treatments, healthy nutrition and activities available in the surrounding area couldn’t be more perfect for us as individuals in summer and winter. Ever since our first visit on New Year's Eve 2015, we have come here eleven times and enjoy this special every time.

Ms Nolte
Julia Nolte

"There are very few places that offer a better night’s sleep"

I treat myself to a stay at DAS SIEBEN several times a year.

There are very few places that offer a better night’s sleep.

I appreciate the soothing peace and quiet and the magnificent view of the Tyrolean mountains. I particularly recommend the SiebenMed health treatments – the massages and beauty treatments are first-class.

To conclude: DAS SIEBEN is the ideal place to relax and unwind.

Ms Blaser
Andrea Blaser
Gerlos, Tyrol

"As a woman travelling alone, I feel like I’m in good hands in this hotel"

Ich liebe DAS SIEBEN, weil es mir so viele Momente bereitet, in I love DAS SIEBEN because it gives me so many opportunities to forget everything for a while and be just happy. For me, it is a fountain of energy where I can get the relaxation I need, while also doing a lot for my health. Something I particularly appreciate: As a woman travelling alone, I feel like I’m in good hands in this hotel.

Family Heiss
Ingrid and Ernst Heiss
Innsbruck, Tyrol

„Close to seventh heaven”

... (and sometimes even right in the heart of it) – this is how we have felt ever since our first stay at DAS SIEBEN. Since then, we haven't been able to stay away, and that’s because we feel comfortable, warmly welcomed, well looked after and lovingly cared for here – right from the start.


Pure joy and enjoyment, day after day.