Grandmaster Kierty Verbooy

Trainer, lecturer, owner and operator of a Tai Chi school in Maastricht.

Since the age of four, Kierty Verbooy has practiced various martial arts. At the age of 14 he discovered the power of Tai-Chi. Over time, the grandmaster has developed his own Tai-Chi programs, such as Chen style, Wu style each with and without weapons.

Together with his wife Jeannette, he is once again a guest at DAS SIEBEN and now you too have the opportunity to discover the diversity of Far Eastern traditions, whether with the traditional Tuina massage or an Abhyanga massage.

Kierty Verbooy trained in Judo, Karate, Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Ninjutsu, Ninpo, Tai Chi, Bagua, Kuntao, Pencak Silat and much more from the age of 4 until he was 27.

In addition to his martial arts training, he also learned Chinese medicine, which consists of acupuncture and acupressure, tuina therapy, manual joint therapy and energetic work.

Today, Kierty has a massage practice and a small dojo (exercise room) where various other disciplines such as yoga are performed. He developed and offers workshops, including massage, prevention, and chronic pain management.

date preview 2023

  • 12.05.2023 to 24.05.2023

  • 01.08.2023 to 13.08.2023

  • 15.10.2023 to 28.10.2023

Tai-Chi & Tuina

Did you know?

Tai Chi and Tuina - together with acupuncture, nutrition and medicine - are among the five main pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Tai Chi is one of the martial arts and was developed over a thousand years ago in Imperial China.The gentle movements have a positive effect on well-being. Practiced regularly, it serves the personality development. Tai-Chi increases resilience, makes you stronger and has a calming effect.

--> Tai Chi with Kierty as part of the Active and Relaxation Program

--> Tuina-Massage with Kierty (information, prices & dates)

Yoga & Abhyanga

Did you know?

Yoga can help you increase your well-being. It promotes mindfulness, improves body awareness, has a relaxing effect, strengthens the mind and nourishes inner peace.

Together with Abhyanga, yoga is a traditional Ayurvedic healing art from India. It is based on the three principles of life: the movement principle (vata), the fire and metabolism principle (pitta) and the structure principle (kapha).

--> Yoga with Jeannette Verbooy as part of the active and relaxation program

--> Abhyanga-Massage with Jeannette (information, prices & dates)

Yoga days & Tai-Chi days

with Kierty & Jeannette Verbooy

Modern Suite DAS SIEBEN - outdoor pool in summer Sauna breakfast buffet Alpenluftionisationsraum Whirlpool
15.10.2023 to 20.10.2023

Tai-Chi days

✓ 5 nights including half board with breakfast buffet and five-course set evening menu

✓ 10 x Tai-Chi with Kierty Verbooy and his team

✓ workshops

✓ and much more

from € 1.070,- per person
depending on room category and season
Jeannette Verbooy Heated Outdoor pool Modern Suite Jeannette Verbooy DAS SIEBEN - outdoor pool in summer Whirlpool with a view Sauna breakfast buffet Alpenluftionisationsraum Whirlpool

Yoga days

✓ 5 nights including half board with breakfast buffet and five-course set evening menu

✓ 10 x yoga with Jeannette Verbooy and her team

✓ 1 x massage, optionally Abhyanga, Jin Shin Jyutsu or Pidjit


from € 1.200,- per person
depending on room category and season