Chi-Kung days

27.10.2024 to 01.11.2024

CHI = life energy | Kung = having an ability in ...
Qigong (chi kung, pronounced chi gung) is an ancient Chinese practice based on the idea that life energy, known as “chi” or “qi”, flows through our bodies. Through a combination of slow, flowing movements, breathing techniques and mental concentration, the chi in the body is harmonized and strengthened.
Regular practice of chi kung can help to

  • Reduce stress
  • improve flexibility
  • strengthen the muscles and
  • strengthen the immune system

“Learning to work with energy is like learning a universal language that allows you to communicate with the entire universe.”

(Giulio Saltelli)


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All services

  • 5 nights including half board with breakfast buffet and five-course set evening menu
  • 3 hours of Chi Kung per day (morning and afternoon)
  • 1 hour of meditation per day
  • 2 lectures on the topic of “Training in everyday life”
General services

The program begins on the day of arrival at 3 pm with a get-to-know-you session and ends on the day of departure at 10 am.

  • Welcome drink
  • Welcome tray with coffee, tea, mineral water and dried fruit snack in your room
  • Bathing bag with bathrobe, bath towel and slippers for the duration of your stay
  • Refreshment island with healthy snacks and delicious teas
  • Participation in the activity and relaxation program
  • Use of our sauna area with saunas, steam bath and infrared cabin
  • Use of our pool area with indoor pool (water surface area 150 m2) and heated outdoor pool (water surface area 166 m2)
  • Use of our fitness studio with Technogym Excite+ and UNITYTM cardio equipment
  • Use of our alpine air ionization room
  • Use of our infrared lounge
  • WLAN throughout the resort
  • Underground parking space
  • Our free plus for you: a car wash in our car wash

CHI KUNG with Giulio and Kierty

Chi Kung or 'Qigong' or 'Qi Quan' is an ancient way to improve health. It consists of simple to follow but effective exercises to get the chi (life energy) flowing optimally in the body. All exercises have their own effect, so we will also explain the effects and help to improve postures and movements.

We, Giulio and Kierty, have 10 and 40 years of experience in teaching Tai Chi and Chi Kung respectively.

Giulio Saltelli lived in a Chinese martial arts monastery for over 3 years and Kierty Verbooy was taught by Chinese monks in the Netherlands for over 13 years.

During the days we teach the exercise and the theory behind the exercise. Every day there is at least 3.5 hours of training, during which we also take time to answer questions.

The aim of the training is to relax and strengthen the body and soul.


Immerse yourself in the world of Chi Kung with our experienced trainers

Kierty Verbooy

Kierty was born in the Netherlands and has been training classical Eastern martial arts since the age of 4. First in Japanese styles (Judo, Karate, Aikido etc.) and then in various Chinese Kung Fu/Wu Shu styles.

During his training with various masters of these martial arts

(also Chinese monks), he received lessons in massage, acupuncture, breathing techniques and the like in addition to the usual fighting lessons.

Giulio Saltelli

Giulio teaches Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Daoist meditation methods.

He studied for three years with Master Du Song Feng (Li Shifu) at the Temple of the Five Immortals in Wudang (China), where he also worked for two years as an instructor and Chinese/English translator.

Giulio was taught karate by his father from the age of five and started practicing Tai Chi Chuan at the age of 18.

In 2015, he founded the Spirit Arts Academy

and dedicated himself to teaching workshops and retreats on Daoist arts and spiritual practices.

Chi-Kung days

Request & Booking

approx. 25 m²
€ 1.310,- per person
approx. 30 m²
€ 1.370,- per person
approx. 25 m²
€ 1.435,- per person
approx. 53 m²
€ 1.500,- pro Person
approx. 52 m²
€ 1.575,- per person
Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl; alle Preise pro Person, inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Ortstaxe. Die angeführten Doppelzimmer- und Suite-Preise gelten bei Zweier-Belegung.


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