Tai-Chi days

20.10.2024 to 25.10.2024

Tai Chi is one of the martial arts and was developed over two thousand years ago in Imperial China. The gentle movements have a particularly positive effect on well-being. Practiced regularly, it serves the development of the personality. Tai-Chi increases resilience, strengthens and has a calming effect.

During the Tai Chi Days, guests practise Tai Chi daily with Grand Master Kierty Verbooy and Giulio Saltelli, who followed his years of training in China.

DAS SIEBEN - outdoor pool in summer
Tai Chi Days © Kierty Verbooy

Tai Chi Days © Kierty Verbooy

Suite © Hannes Dabernig

Suite © Hannes Dabernig

breakfast buffet

All services

  • 5 nights incl. half board with breakfast buffet and five-course menu of choice in the evening
  • 10 x Tai-Chi with Giulio Saltelli and Kierty Verbooy
  • exciting workshops impart valuable knowledge about the development and health significance of Tai-Chi
General services
  • Welcome tray with coffee, tea, water and healthy snacks in the room
  • Spa bag with bathrobe, bath towel and slippers for the duration of your stay
  • Refreshment island with healthy nibbles and delicious teas
  • Participation in the active and relaxation programme
  • Use of our sauna area with saunas, steam bath and infrared cabin
  • Use of our bathing area with indoor pool (150 sqm water expanse) heated outdoor pool (166 sqm water expanse)
  • Use of our gym with Technogym cardio equipment Excite+ and UNITYTM
  • Use of our alpine air ionisation room
  • Use of our infrared lounge
  • Wi-Fi throughout the resort
  • Underground parking
  • A little treat on us: A car wash in our car wash facilities

We introduce:

The trainer team of Equilibrium Maastricht

Hello, I am Kierty

My name is Kierty Verbooy, born in the Netherlands and trained in classical Eastern martial arts since I was 4 years old. First in Japanese styles (judo, karate, aikido etc.) and then in various Chinese kung fu/wu shu styles.

During my training with various masters in these martial arts (also Chinese monks), in addition to the usual fighting lessons, we also received lessons in massage, acupuncture, breathing techniques and the like. When I was 14 years old, Tai Chi - training began. Despite all the physical and mental problems people can have in their lives (including me), I’ve never stopped training.


My inspiration/wish to you in DAS SIEBEN:

to find your balance and take it into your daily life.

Hello my name is Giulio

i am a teacher of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, and Daoist Meditation methods.

I studied for three years under Master Du Song Feng (Li Shifu) at Five Immortals Temple in Wudang, China where i also worked for two years as an instructor and Chinese/English translator.

My father taught me karate since the age of five. Later, at the age of 18 i started the practice of Tai Chi Chuan. My first contact with the Wudang mountains was on my first trip to China when i studied for one year from different kung fu academies and teachers before encountering my master at the Five Immortals.

In 2015 i founded Spirit Arts academy and dedicated to teaching workshops and retreats about Daoist arts and spiritual practice

Discover what the the world of Tai Chi holds and what it could mean for you.

See you at DAS SIEBEN!

Hello, I am Alice

My background is in psychologie (MA) and in education (teaching third level). With a lot of joy I am already more then 15 years training Martial arts, o.a. WuShu, Kung Fu and Tai Chi under the guidance of Grandmaster Kierty Verbooy.

At the moment I am working at the University Maastricht, besides that i offer welness massages and teach within our own dojo: Equilibrium Maastricht. The massages are tailord specifically tot he person, this helps to relax body and mind.Because  of that people feel to have more space and focus, wich helps them getting more insight in their life.

DAS SIEBEN is a beautiful location to bepracticing Tai Chi.

I am looking forward tos haring this experience together with you!

Together we will discover the wonderfull world of Tai Chi.

We all love to share our expertice and knowledge with others. Every teacher has been training under the guidance of Grandmaster Kierty Verbooy. Team work and synergy is important to us and we like to help improve eachother and others.

It will be a wonderfull experience to be aible to teach at DAS SIEBEN and together experiece what Tai Chi could mean for you.

Hello my name is Jeannette.

I began to learn Tai Chi in a hotel in Turkey, where Kierty and I were invited to stay in a hotel with many sports facilities. From 8 to 9 o’clock in the morning Kierty taught Tai Chi in the garden with a spectacular view of the sea. That was in 2004 and since then I

have been practicing Tai Chi in our Dojo EQuilibrium Maastricht where Kierty teaches us us the details of Tai Chi in his weekly classes.


I hope to inspire you to start practising Tai Chi in DAS SIEBEN, where you have a spectacular view of the mountains.

And to find a Tai Chi - teacher in your own neighbourhood, so that you will never stop practising Tai Chi.

Tai-Chi days

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