Feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud

We’re here to improve your sleep quality. Choose between a range of pillows free of charge for a good night's sleep.

Neck roll

Sleep type: Side sleeper

The neck roll perfectly adapts to the space created between the vertebrae of the neck and overlay when the body rests on the mattress, promoting anatomically correct posture. This will relieve tension and relieve overstrained muscle areas when lying on your side or back.

Neck support pillow

Sleep type: Side and back sleepers, allergy sufferers 

Relieve your neck vertebrae and prevent tension. The neck support pillow supports your head and spine, allowing the neck area to form a straight line with the spine. This helps ease the strain on your neck muscles

Swiss pine pillows

Sleep type: Side, back and stomach sleepers

Fall asleep with peace of mind. The unmistakable woody aroma has a positive effect on your respiratory tract, reduces weather sensitivity and lowers your heart rate.

Spelt pillows

Sleep type: Side, back and stomach sleepers

Enjoy the climatising effects and benefit from optimal support during sleep. The spelt pillow is filled with wheat husk. This adapts perfectly to the shape of your head and improves the quality of your sleep. Thanks to its breathability and air permeability, it is particularly helpful for those who sweat or feel cold while sleeping.

Feather pillows

Sleep type: Side and stomach sleepers

Experience a pleasant and cosy night’s sleep. The feather pillow offers soft and good support. The temperature regulation of this pillow prevents you from sweating in your deep sleep phases.

Additionally: Topper (soft overlay)

Sleep type: Side, back and stomach sleepers

Increase your sleep quality. The topper is placed on the mattress and adapts to your lying position. This will change the firmness of your mattress, making for a more comfortable sleep.

Please note: Only a limited number of pillows and toppers are available.

You can reserve your favourite pillow or topper at our hotel reception before your arrival.

We look forward to hearing from you:

+43 5332 20 800.

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