Naturally beautiful

Treat yourself to a cosmetic or beauty treatment with high-quality products from Dr. Spiller. 

Beauty treatments feel similar to falling in love: With a peeling, you get a pleasant tingling sensation – this promotes tranquillity and positive thinking.

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PHARMOS NATUR treatments with fresh aloe vera leaves Cosmetic applications in DAS SIEBEN Aloe vera leaf Relaxation massage PHARMOS NATUR - Green Luxury Birdnest Beauty treatment Relaxation massage
Aloe vera
Aloe vera

DR. SPILLER - fountain of youth for your skin

Flawless skin is a desirable, attractive trait.  

For the cosmetics manufacturer Dr. Spiller, this is both their driving force and their life's work. For many decades, they have focused on sustainable skin care. A way in which tradition and innovation can go hand in hand.

Natural raw materials achieve maximum effectiveness in a targeted manner.

Experience and authenticity today for the beauty of tomorrow.



Cleansing ritual with peeling and intensive cleansing, mask tailored to your personal skin needs, harmonising massage and special finishing treatment.

50 min. € 80,–


Your skin deserves only the best.

With this special facial treatment that counteracts signs of ageing, your skin is deeply rejuvenated and regenerated.

After all, there’s a reason this product combination won the Diamant SPA Award in 2016.

50 min. € 102,–


Thanks to this special combination of active ingredients, which is a true source of strength for tired and sensitive skin, the immediately visible results will leave you astounded with a fresh, rosy complexion.

50 min. € 102,-


This luxury treatment for demanding and dehydrated skin is an effective method that ensures a radiant complexion thanks to its unique silk complex (highly effective caresses).

80 min. € 132,-


With this product and treatment specially developed for demanding male skin, we bring energy and vitality back to your appearance.

50 min. € 80,-

Body treatments


Skin like velvet and silk

Our full-body peel, which is composed of a detoxifying salt mixture and nourishing almond oil, gives your skin a silky suppleness.

25 min. € 42,-


Stimulating anti-cellulite massage and high-quality serums effectively counteract cases of light cellulite.

50 min. € 82,-


A treat in a class of its own!

Get ready for a very special full-body treatment. A cocktail of nutrients caresses your skin while you indulge in sweet, weightless idleness on the hanging lounger.

50 min. € 82,-

Hands & Feet


  • bathing your feet in a warm foot bath
  • The nails are shortened, filed, shaped and excess cuticles are removed
  • Removal of calluses and existing pressure points
  • Finally, your feet will be creamed and massaged

Pedicure | 50 min. € 52,-

Pedicure with varnish | 55 min. € 60,-

French pedicure | 58 min. € 62,-

Much more than just nail care.

Pay attention to your feet.


  • bathing your hands in a warm hand bath
  • The nails are trimmed, filed and excess cuticles are removed.
  • polishing the fingernails
  • finally, your hands will be creamed and massaged

Manicure | 40 min. € 44,-

Manicure with varnish | 45 min. € 49,–

French manicure | 48 min. € 52,–

Your hands are worth it.

Velvety soft hands - a dream!

Taking care of your skin is part of a healthy lifestyle.

PHARMOS NATUR - Green Luxury

Feel your skin come to life with Green Luxury products. Feel all your cells awaken to new activity and fill with strength.

The highlight of your PHARMOS NATUR treatments is the application of the fresh aloe vera leaf. Your skin completely soaks up the moisturising gel. The active ingredients nourish, repair and regenerate your cells.

PHARMOS Treatment

You can trust this quality if you have sensitive skin.


Bio lifting face

For sagging and tired skin, we use this unique facial treatment with an exquisite combination of active ingredients for regeneration.

50 min. € 107,–


Detox face

With couperose and impure skin we achieve clear, firmer face contours and softened veins.

80 min. € 139,–

New energy from head to toe.


Enjoy a very special glow. With this special facial treatment you will experience the wonderful healing and rejuvenating powers of the aloe vera leaf.

50 min. € 102,–


With this holistic facial treatment, which begins with a pleasant foot massage, you will experience a feeling of absolute wellness in addition to the deeply effective power of aloe vera.

80 min. € 142,–

100% nature that works in a completely natural way.

Pamper your skin with "Green Luxury" from Pharmos.



Every face is individual and unique.

Let our dedicated and skilled beautician do your make-up professionally. 

Day make up | 30 min. € 32,–

Evening make up | 40 min. € 43,–

Make up consultation & trend make up  |  50 min. € 53,- 

You will shine.


Tint eyelashes | 20 min. € 12,-

Tint eyebrows | 10 min. € 9,-

Tint eyelashes & eyebrows | 20 min. € 21,-

Pluck eyebrows | 10 min. € 8,-

For sparkling eyes.


Hair removal, chin | 10 min. € 11,-

Hair removal, upper lip | 10 min. € 11,-

Hair removal, upper lip & chin | 15 min. € 19,-

Hair removal, both thighs and lower legs | 40 min. € 52,-

Hair removal, both lower legs | 20 min. € 30,-

Hair removal, armpits | 15 min. € 21,-

For smooth skin.

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