Like a scene from a fairytale

Tyrol's only ice and dripstone cave is located in the vicinity of Wörgl, Angerberg and Mariastein.

After an approx. three-hour hike, you reach the entrance to the Hundalm ice and dripstone cave at 1520 m above sea level.

An expert tour guide is there to accompany the visitors with mining lamps and helmets as they delve up to 45 meters below the surface of the earth. Bizarre ice and stone shapes provide a fascinating insight into how the earth was formed

Info & prices:

Opening hours:

  • Mid May until end of September
  • Guided tours from 10.00 - 16.00 o'clock
    (one guided tour lasts approx. 30 minutes)


  • Adults: € 8
  • Children: € 4

Please note: Sturdy footwear is essential, warm clothing is recommended

ice and dripstone cave
ice and dripstone cave Hundalm
Ice and dripstone cave Hundalm Embach 1, 6320 Angerberg +43 664 2536138 oder +43 664 1551425 only available by phone