From zero to hero – improve your fitness & burn some calories

Participate in a sport, but which one?

Find the sport that suits your everyday life and that you enjoy. SportVIT is ideal for beginners, advanced participants and returners.

We also help anyone who is restricted by injury or illness to find more desire for movement.

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Workout with our sports coach
Workout with our sports coach

Did you know?

  • Sport is an over-the-counter remedy. It alleviates complaints of the musculoskeletal system, diabetes mellitus and depression.


Improves your body awareness and your stamina.

1 x vital field analysis incl. personal evaluation and vital field therapy

Vital field analysis is a biophysical measurement method that determines the energetic state of body cells. Two electrodes are attached to the feet, sending 200 million current impulses into the body. The cells or the organ each give a specific response to these impulses.

This feedback will be compared with the data entered. The functional tissue response is particularly important for the diagnosis and consultation.



1 x consultation 10 min.

1 x Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) incl. measurement & analysis

4 x workout according to your chosen sport with the sports coach

Tailored to your abilities and needs, you can functionally train your whole body both with and without equipment.

Under supervision, you will learn efficient exercises and gain an insight into building a balanced training plan suitable for everyday use. Endurance and technique will be honed with Nordic walking and running, with the heart rate watch acting as a useful companion.

2 x consultation with the happiness coach

You will learn what foods your body needs.

Our happiness coach will tell you what helps fight food cravings and how to avoid a poor diet.

Christina, our happiness coach, is convinced:

"Eating makes you feel happy and cooking is sexy.

A healthy diet needs a little bit of pleasure, according to the motto: the dose makes the difference.

2 x relaxing massage

1 x concluding discussion with the sports coach

5, 6 or 7 overnight stays

incl. half board and inclusive services

Your special advantages in our 4* Superior Hotel:

  • Participation in the active and relaxation programme
  • Refreshment island with healthy nibbles and delicious teas
  • Individual training in our gym with Technogym cardio equipment Excite+ and UNITYTM
  • Relaxation in our sauna area with saunas, steam bath and infrared cabin and bathing area with indoor pool and heated outdoor pool
  • Soothing calm and the smell of alpine air ionisation room
  • Culinary enjoyment from the breakfast buffet to the multi-course menu of your choice in the evening with fresh, preferably regional products
  • Free underground parking
  • A free car wash in our car wash facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the resort


Request / Booking

5 nights incl. half board
from € 1.351,-
per person
6 nights incl. half board
from € 1.491,-
per person
7 nights incl. half board
from € 1.631,-
per person
All prices per person incl. half board and inclusive services, plus local tax. The double room and suite prices listed apply for double occupancy


Early bird discount

5 nights incl. half board
from € 1.215,90
€̵ ̵1̵.̵3̵5̵1̵,̵0̵0̵
6 nights incl. half board
from € 1.341,90
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7 nights incl. half board
from € 1.467,90
€̵ ̵1̵.̵6̵3̵1̵,̵0̵0̵
Valid for bookings made 60 days in advance. All prices per person incl. half board and inclusive services, plus local tax. The double room and suite prices listed apply for double occupancy
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